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Natural Remedies East

9810 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97216

Discover Natural Remedies East, situated in Portland's 99 East Mall. Renowned for our exceptional clone selection, our store caters to a variety of cannabis needs for both medicinal and recreational users. We're committed to providing premium products from leading farms, ensuring value for every purchase.

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Daily Deals

Enjoy our exciting daily deals! Medible Monday offers 20% off on edibles, tinctures, RSO, and everything for medical patients. Joint Tuesday and Wax Wednesday bring 30% off on joints, carts, and dabs. Top Shelf Thursday and Happy Hour Weekend have exclusive discounts on select tiers and storewide. Plus, Fat Eighth Friday and Starter Saturday offer unique savings on quantities and clones.

Medible Monday
Cookie cannabis edibles for Natural Remedies Portland.
Edibles, Tinctures, RSO 20% off. Medical patients 20% off everything.
Joint Tuesday
Cannabis Joint being rolled for Natural Remedies in Portland.
Joints 30% off.
Wax Wednesday
Cannabis wax for Natural Remedies in Portland.
Carts and dabs 30% off.
Top Shelf / Turf Thursday
Cannabis flower being shown in a jar for Natural Remedies in Portland.
Exotic, Diamond, Platinum Tiers 20% off. Neighborhood discount of 10% off.
Fat Eighth Friday
Flower being weighed, Natural Remedies in Portland.
4.5 grams for the price of 3.5 grams of any tier.
Happy Hour Weekend / Starter Saturday
Cannabis plant. Natural Remedies in Portland
Sat/Sun - 20% off everything. Saturday - Clones 20% off.


Discover multiple ways to save: Red and Green Dot discounts, 15% off JD Grown Flower, 20% off when wearing NR Merch, and special discounts for Military & Veterans, seniors over 55, and industry professionals.

Natural Remedies
Red Dot
30% off
Green Dot
40% off
JD Grown Flower
15% off
Wearing NR Merch
20% off
Military & Veterans
20% off
55 & Over
20% off
Industry Discount
30% off